Back to Eden

Back to Eden

Mark's guide to a healthier life

Back to Eden is a book published in 1939 by Jethro Kloss. Things in this book have helped me improve my health, like consuming LOTS of habanero peppers! Here is a quote from Back to Eden:

"It is good in all forms of low diseases. The key to success in medicine is stimulation, and capsicum is the great stimulant. There are many languid people who need something to make the fire of life burn more brightly. Capsicum, not whiskey, is the thing to do it."

I realized I have suffered most of my life from fungal infections. The bottoms of my feet were so thick with dead skin, cracks would form. I now understand that I had fungal sinusitis, the constant pain in my sinuses promoted hateful thoughts in my mind. I now wonder if this ubiquitous health issue is not a major source of evil thoughts worldwide!

I am so much better now, I am curing myself with:

  1. Frozen hot pepper cubes in water, coffee, tea, and other drinks
  2. Himalayan salt and a more acidic diet to help flush calcium
  3. No sugar or gluten - fungi thrive on this stuff!

When you have your teeth cleaned, do you have lots of tartar (calcification)? If you do, is it hard to imagine you might have calcium deposits elsewhere, like in your sinuses? Fungal sinusitis occurs when aspergillosis fungus balls form dense hyphae finger like branches throughout sinus calcifications making an incredibly difficult substance to remove. A long term dietary approach seems to be the answer, fight it with your blood and don't mess with your nose!

It is true an acid-forming diet increased urinary calcium excretion by 74%. Discharge instructions for Hypercalcemia have this line, Don’t limit your salt intake, salt must help lower calcium. So, that might correspond to Himalayan salt reducing sinus infections. Here is an interesting article from Michael Gross, Hot chillis evolved to kill fungi. So saturate your body with hot peppers and free your life of fungi! For millions of years, birds propagated the hotter pepper seed and evolved this gift for you!

"Capsicum is the most pronounced, natural, and ideal stimulant known in the entire materia medica. It cannot be equaled by any known agent when a powerful and prolonged stimulant is needed, as in congestive chills, heart failure, and other conditions calling for quick action. The entire circulation is affected by this agent and there is no reaction. In this it stands alone as ideal" - Back to Eden

I like to buy Hi-Ball energy drinks with guarana and ginseng. Many drinks like soft drinks, coffee, and tea produce acidity and that can be helpful in reducing calcium. Although the alkaline diet people might disagree, I believe acidity, if it is not from junk food, can be heathy. I consume hot seasonings and at least 10 of my hot pepper cubes everyday. My fungal infections are gone with the exception of the fungal sinusitis which is now at the point where I can breathe vigorously and have no more sinus pain, THANK YOU BIRDS! One (very low cost) drink I like: filtered water; 3 hot cubes; 5 ginger cubes; 1 tsp matcha powder; 1 tsp erythritol monk powder; and a squeeze of lime on ice.

I am having so much fun dropping these tiny frozen cubes into things I drink and eat! The same silicon ice cube tray product, available from multiple Amazon brands, makes 160 3/8" tiny ice cubes. Homemade cubes with fresh hot peppers, ginger, or other herbs can be made: blend the herb down with vinegar; boil with a little Himalayan salt; blend again; fill ice trays. Or easier: spread a 5 oz bottle of hot sauce on a tray which fills it perfectly. I keep the frozen cubes in 250ml glass canning jars with labeled 70mm white plastic storage caps. These tiny cubes will fit straight into a soda can, or you can use them for cooking giving you precise control of added flavor. Create a potpourri of tiny cubes to enhanced your whole family's excitement and (especially) ease of experimenting with fresh herbs and spices!

Thanks to artist Andrea Andrade for painting this inspiring cover, Glimpse of Eden. Consider for fun my solution to the Thirteenth Archimedean Solid, and may you find your own way back to Eden...